Art Deco is one of the most enduring influences on contemporary design. The unfussy, geometric shapes, interesting combinations of woods and surface finishes, and stylised accessories create a distinctive, elegant space.

Architecture was an important part of the global Art Deco style. Architects looked to the past – to Mayan temples and Ziggurat designs – that they recognised would confer authority to modern, urban environments. We see these influences in Art Deco interiors, with furniture often set on plinths that help it to rise skyscraper-style from the ground.

Strong geometry appears on dining chairs and cabinets, while console and dining tables, often feature u-bases which introduce elegant curves and a sense of lightness.

The furniture in this photograph is inspired by original Art Deco pieces that we have sold. All of the pieces are hand-crafted and made bespoke to clients’ own requirements. The designs, dimensions, woods, veneers, finishes and upholstery can all be adapted. Please visit our website for further inspirations. The main collection is available to view at our 3000 sq.ft. Showroom and Warehouse at Starborough Farm, Edenbridge, Kent.